Guy with horrible taste in women also has horrible taste in baseball players

NEW YORK — That guy who used to have something to do with baseball—you know— the guy who banged that butt-ugly ESPN chick—was on the radio today and totally admits he likes crappy baseball players better than good ones, this, according to a guy at a deli in Queens. “That f*cking guy!” said the guy at the deli. “Who lets this guy go on Mike’d Up and give his opinion about anything? You’ve seen his taste in women right? That chick he banged—the chick he threw away his marriage for—looked liked Andy Milonakis on a good day. You’re telling me that guy who can’t tell Giselle from a gazelle can assess Major League Baseball talent? This is the guy who just said he’d trade Stephen Strasburg straight up for Roy Oswalt? So let me get this straight. Out of all the guys you could put on the air to talk about baseball for five minutes you give this clown the mic? Shame on you Francesca. And shame on you too little miss Andy Milonakis. How dare you take advantage of the mentally handicapped like that. It’s appalling. And offends me as a man who likes to think of himself as politically correct.”

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