Goodell congratulates players on great season, tells them to take next year off

ARLINGTON, TX—Shortly after awarding the Lombardi Trophy to the Green Bay Packers for their Super Bowl victory, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell took to the podium, humbly thanked and congratulated all of the NFL teams and players for a great season and then rewarded them for their hard work by saying they can take next year off.

“You guys all did a hell of job this season,” a fatherly Goodell told his players through the assembled media. “You worked really hard and accomplished a lot. I really can’t say how proud I am of everything you guys accomplished. Now, I wasn’t going to do this, but why don’t you guys relax and just take next season off—you deserved it.” When asked what he and the NFL owners would do with no football around next year, Goodell quickly answered, “Oh, don’t worry about us, we’ll be fine. You players just worry about you, take a well deserved break and we’ll get back to work in the fall of 2012.”

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