Goddamn Snack Time with Rex Ryan

Goddamn Snack Time with Rex Ryan

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UPDATE: Win a Goddamn iPad! Create a profile on Tauntr.com, play the game and the high score each week will be entered into a drawing for an iPad. Winner will be chosen after the Super Bowl, which more than likely won't include Rex's team (all the rules and fine print can be found here).

Coach Rex famously wanted a goddamn snack, and now you can help feed his insatiable appetite. Take the controls of the Jets lard filled leader and try to catch every fatty treat you can. Beware of healthy snacks and the efforts of your rivals who want to foil your plan at morbid obesity. Click the image to play: Goddamn Snack Time with Rex Ryan!

Follow Coach Rex and all of his gastronomical ruminations on Twitter @RexRyanSnakTime

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richd281 3 years 42 weeks ago
Im going to win the goddamn ipad
richd281 3 years 43 weeks ago
Marc Gallucci 3 years 45 weeks ago
This game rocks, soo funny
Adam Velasco 3 years 46 weeks ago