God smites Broncos over son’s lack of playing time

DENVER—Angered over the lack of minutes His son has received this season, God decided to punish the Broncos on Sunday with a 59-14 shellacking at the hands of the Oakland Raiders. Tim Tebow, God’s second and youngest son, has only seen limited action in three of the Broncos seven games, causing much contention between the team and the Lord Almighty. “That’s what they get for not playing my kid,” an indignant Lord bellowed from high upon His thrown after the Broncos’ embarrassing loss. “They better start giving my boy some minutes or they’re in for an Old Testament ass kicking next week against the 49ers. I swear to Me, I’ll make them lose that game. I have the power.”

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Fred 4 years 4 weeks ago
Oh, yer goin' straight ta Hell fer 'dat one!