Gluten allergic Djokovic blames French Open loss on seductive pastry

PARIS, France - When he fell to Rafael Nadal Monday morning, Novak Djokovic lost not just the French Open final, but a chance to complete his career grand slam. What makes the loss all the more heartbreaking is that Djokovic has only his own sweet tooth and food allergy to blame.

Witnesses at Roland Garros stadium report seeing the lanky Serbian frequent numerous nearby pâtisseries, where he wouldn’t buy anything but would linger at the back of the line, fidgeting and eyeing the pastry cases. Prior to losing in the finals Monday, Djokovic had looked unbeatable throughout a historic year-long tear, the credit for which he placed on his strict adherence to a gluten free diet. Now, it seems like being in close proximity to so many of the world’s best baked good became too much to bear.

“I just wanted to smell them, that’s all,” said Djokovic, “I thought that would be enough.” It wasn’t until Sunday’s rain delay postponed his showdown with Nadal that the Djoker caved. “One eclair is all it took.”

Next year he’ll be back, trying to cap his career Grand Slam and defeat his dietary demons.

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