Gif: Carl Pavano Punches Delmon Young's Butt

Monday, July 19, 2010
Posted By admin 03:30 PM

The Minnesota Twins rallied for four runs in the ninth inning to cap off a walk-off 7-6 victory over the Chicago White Sox on Sunday. The game-winning hit came off the bat of Twins outfielder Delmon Young, whose bases-loaded single netted two runs thanks to an embarrassing throwing error by White Sox outfielder Alex Rios. Initially, Minnesota held up outfielder Michael Cuddyer at third base after the tying run had scored. But Rios, unsure of where to throw the ball, launched an errant throw into the infield that enabled Cuddyer to cross home plate for the winning run.

Given the Little League nature of the play, one would expect Rios’ mental and throwing error to be the most comical occurrence of the inning. Carl Pavano’s chosen method of congratulating Young for the game-winning hit, though, easily wins that contest. Pavano, whose porn-star mustache has attracted a lot of attention this season, essentially assaults his teammate’s butt, as the gif shows above.