Four golfers stranded on 17th hole at Sawgrass

PONTE VERDA BEACH, FL—Play at The Players Championship was halted Friday morning as rescue workers launched an effort to recover four unidentified golfers who were stranded on the island at Sawgrass’ 17th hole. Rescue workers were unsure of the circumstances in which the men became marooned on the infamous island, but they did say the surrounding waters are notoriously treacherous and the men might have sought refuge on the small land mass.

Officials became aware of the emergency early this morning when NBC cameras spotted a makeshift distress call the golfers built on the 17th green. First responders immediately began developing a rescue plan but said the logistics of a recovery operation such as this are extremely difficult.

“We’re doing everything in our power to get those golfers off that island alive,” said EMT Joel McPherson. “But it’s no going to be easy. Carl has a paddle boat that he keeps at his uncle house, and he says we can use it, but he doesn’t have a truck to haul it here. So we either need to borrow Tony’s truck, which won’t be an easy task because Tony is real anal about people borrowing his truck, or we may have to rent a trailer at U-Haul, but that’s also a risky proposition because you have to rent it for a whole day and we only need for like an hour,” adding somberly, “We just hope we can get this all ironed out before it’s too late. ”

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