Favre tries to stay hip by sexting

In a desperate attempt to relate with younger fans, Brett Favre has begun ‘sexting,’ a widely popular practice amongst teenagers and 20-somethings that involves sending sexually suggestive text and picture messages via mobile phones. While 'sexts' are often kept private between sender and receiver, Favre sent his explicit pictures with the hope they would leak online and gain him respect with a more youthful demographic.
“I thought they’d make me cool,” admitted Favre soon after his sexts were leaked on the popular website Deadspin. “Young, popular athletes like Greg Oden, Grady Sizemore and Santonio Holmes have all shown their junk on the Internet. I figured if I did it, people would view me as hip too.” Unfortunately for Favre, the leaked photos have only reinforced the notion that he’s an old, creepy dude.

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