The Exorcism of LeBron James

The Boston Celtics have haunted LeBron James the past few years. More than any other team, the Celtics have come to represent the team that has prevented James from reaching the next level, the team that's kept him from living up to the hype that's surrounded him since he was a teenager playing high school ball in Akron. They beat him and the Cavs on their road to a championship in 2008. And they beat him again last year, infamously causing him to "quit" on his team and rip his Cleveland jersey off his back as he walked off the court.

But while he may have abandoned his soul and the city of Cleveland for an opportunity to exorcize his Celtic demon, it appears it may have worked. The Heat go into tonight's game against the Celtics up 3-1 with a chance to close them out. The Heat are on the brink of a berth in the Eastern Conference finals, but has the Irish hobgoblin that has tortured LeBron too strong to shake? We'll find out tonight.

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