Ed Hochuli threatening replacement refs by calling penalties outside their homes

PHOENIX—Just as quickly as the NFL began hiring replacement referees following the breakdown in contract negotiations with the NFL Referees Association, the refs fired back, dispatching veteran official Ed Hochuli to the homes of scab referees where he would stand, call penalties and flaunt his notorious muscular arms in a blatant act of intimidation.

Mike Arnold, the referees counsel, said, “We’re sending a message to the NFL that they aren’t the only ones who can use bully tactics to get what they want. If they think they can ignore us, let’s try to see them ignore us when Ed is out in their driveway in the morning calling illegal shift penalties and popping those pecs in their face.”

Arnold said that as long as referees try to cross the picket line, Hochuli would be there to dissuade them with his physical presence and long winded explanations about the minutia of NFL rules and regulations.

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