Draft growing tired of Mel Kiper mocking it

NEW YORK—After two decades of being mocked by Mel Kiper, the NFL draft is starting to grow tired of the ESPN analyst’s constant ridicule. “At first I was fine with it,” admitted the draft in a recent interview. “Years ago, nobody really cared about me. So to get that kind of attention was nice. Now, however, he seems to be mocking me more often, and it’s getting a little annoying." The draft added, "Sorry, I take myself kind of seriously, and I don’t really appreciate it when he says something like, ‘JaMarcus Russell will be a top-5 quarterback in this league.’”

Some reports claim the discord between Kiper and the draft really started when Kiper invited close friend Todd McShay to mock the draft as well. “I think that really hurt the draft’s feelings,” said a source familiar with the situation. “The draft felt comfortable being mocked by Mel—it was kind of their thing. But then Mel had Todd join in on it without even asking the draft how it felt. At that point the draft started to question whether Mel really liked it or if Mel was just using it as something to entertain him and his friends.”

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Jebediah Springfield 3 years 38 weeks ago
Never happen...