Dodgers’ VH1 deal hinges on approval of 'Pitch for Love with Hiroki Kiroda'

LOS ANGELES—A multi-billion dollar television deal between the Los Angeles Dodgers and VH1 is reportedly complete pending the approval of the Dodgers' reality dating show, Pitch for Love with Hiroki Kiroda. The show, which follows the pitcher as he tries to find romance while living in a house with 20 women, is the lynchpin in the agreement that could rescue Dodgers’ owner Frank McCourt from complete financial ruin and prevent Major League Baseball from seizing the team.

Despite what is at stake, McCourt remains calm and optimistic. “I think VH1 is going to like what they see in Pitch for Love with Hiroki Kiroda,” said McCourt. “We feel that this organization’s commitment to put a quality show centered around a backend of the rotation guy trying to juggle baseball and love aligns perfectly with the interest of VH1. Once they see the pilot, especially the part where Hiroki has to break up the fight between ‘Curveball’ and ‘Dugout,’ this will be a done deal.”

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