Denver man unsure of what to do with unsold ‘Fire McDaniels’ shirts

DENVER—Shockwaves from the firing of Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels are still being felt, as a local t-shirt vendor now has no idea what to do with his inventory of ‘Fire McDaniels’ shirts. Greg Hale, a full-time customer service representative at PetCo, runs a novelty shirt company in his spare time and recently order hundreds of the now obsolete shirts in hopes of sparking a movement to terminate the beleaguered coach.

“I don’t know what I’m going to with all this crap,” said a frustrated Hale. “I guess I could donate them to homeless shelter and take the tax write off. Or maybe another team will hire McDaniels and that city’s part-time shirt vendor would want them. But they’re all in orange and blue, so that may nix that idea. This blows, I dropped like $600 on printing those things, and I could of used that money for new brakes on my Trecel or something, you know?”

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