Danny Ainge assembling pieces to make final run at Floridian condo complex

Boston, MA--Following a season in which he swapped a 27 year-old up and comer for a peripheral player with an ailing heart, Danny Ainge is spending the 2012 season working overtime to trade sprightly all-pro Rajon Rondo for anyone interested in the luxurious comforts of a Naples time-share.

“It’s not everyday you find a deal like this,” said Ainge, while pouring over  real-estate documents concerning the multi-unit high-end condominum complex, “Heated indoor-outdoor pool, on-sight golf course, free salsa lessons at the rec center. I feel like we’re just one piece away from assembling the perfect squad to secure the perfect retirement home.”

Ainge’s latest trade attempt centers around Portland paraplegic Greg Oden. “He’d be a great fit, “said Ainge, “KG is going to need another wheelchair buddy to pal around with. Plus, neither Ray, Paul nor myself want a ground unit, and his needing a ramp solves that problem.”

At press time, Ainge was furiously making phone calls, hoping to get the deal done before the weekend, when he’s certain some other group will make a down payment and ruin everything.

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