Curtis Painter prepares for start by setting DVR to record shows he normally watches during games

TAMPA—Colts quarterback Curtis Painter says he is fully prepared for his first career NFL start tonight against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as he has spent the week making sure his DVR was set to record all the television programs he would usually watch while on the sidelines.

“I’m ready,” Painter assured reporters as the team concluded their final practice. “Got my DVR all set to record How I Met Your Mother and American Chopper.”

While Painter’s game preparation for his previous two seasons in Indianapolis involved doing as little as possible without the coaches catching on, his routine changed this week as injuries to Peyton Manning and Kerry Collins forced him into service.

“We play a fair share of games on Sunday and Monday night,” said Painter. “Unfortunately, that’s when all the good TV is on. So I’d usually watch them on a TV our video guy set up behind the bench. This week, obviously, I can’t do that. No problem though, I made some adjustments to my DVR and think I’ll be fine. But if I come back to the sideline after throwing an interception and one of the backups or special teams guys ruins what happens on Mike & Molly, God help me, I will lose it.”

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