Colts O-Line Concerned About Collins’ New Unorthodox Snap-Counts

Indianapolis, IN - Panic has set in across the Indianapolis Colts offensive line. The men hired to protect the NFL’s most prolific acting Quarterback are anxious about new back-up Kerry Collins, and his early changes to the pre-snap routine. Collins has communicated to offensive coordinator, Clyde Christensen, that he will employ an alternative cadence style, referred to as “set-hut”. “How am I going to know when to pull the trigger?” asked All pro-center Jeff Saturday, who is particularly concerned with the lack of information being provided at the line of scrimmage. Saturday broadcast his disapproval for the change after today’s practice, “With Peyton, I snapped at any mention of that day's breakfast and/or his favorite circus animals. You know, simple stuff. ”

First year tackle, Anthony Castonzo, was equally perturbed by the shift. “But I made flash cards,” he proclaimed after hearing that Collins will be changing the way an audible is called at the line. He continued, “Do you know how difficult it is to memorize all the bra sizes of every pair boobs Peyton has ever seen?”

In a radio interview Collins was asked why he has decided to make such drastic changes to how a play change is called? In contrast to his previous actions, his response was surprisingly lucid, “Well after hearing all about Eli from my old teammates in New York, I just assumed none of the Manning brothers had never seen a pair of breasts,” solid logic from the 18 year vet. Now, Colts fans must hope that this type of understanding overrides the senselessness they have seen from Collins thus far.

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