Chris Bosh assures nurse his teammates will be there before visiting hours are over

MIAMI—Chris Bosh won’t be taking the floor for the remainder of his team’s series against the Pacers, but he's wholly convinced he is still an integral and valued member of the Heat and has assured the nursing staff at his rehab clinic that his teammates would definitely be by to see him before visiting hours conclude today.

“They’ll be here any moment,” Bosh informed the nurse overseeing the rehab of his strained abdominal muscle. He then laughed as he eyed the clock in the room nervously. “I’m a big part of the team, so the guys wouldn’t forget to come see me. Wait ‘til you meet them, Wade is such a joker, ask him to tell you the joke about the penguin and the bar when he gets here.”

Though nurses and other staff members expressed excitement over meeting Bosh’s teammates to Bosh himself, outside of his room their tone changed.

“Poor guy,” said one nurse. “He really thinks they’re going to come. There’s only 15 minutes left for visiting hours and he’s sure his teammates are still going to show up. I’m pretty sure they’re not even in Florida any more. I’m assuming they flew to Indiana for the next game. But every time one of us walks in to check on him, he perks up thinking he has visitors. It’s one of the saddest things I’ve seen in my 23 years of nursing.”

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