Calipari only going to ask players one more time if any of them are ineligible

ATLANTA—Not wanting to spoil a dream season and what could possibly be his best shot at a national title, John Calipari gathered his Kentucky players during a timeout in their game against Baylor to ask them, for one final time, if any of them happen to be ineligible.

“Last time I’m going to ask,” said Calipari. “I’ve been burned two times too many, and I’m not going to let it happen again, is there anyone here who is ineligible to be playing NCAA basketball?”

With no players coming forward, Calipari, who had two of his Final Four appearances vacated due to ineligible players, turned up the pressure on his team.

“You guys sure?” asked Calipari again, making sure players understood that it was now or never to turn themselves in. “None of you took money?” he asked incredulously. “No one here had someone take their SATs for them? I have a hard time believing that gentleman, a real hard time.”

With play about to resume, Calipari gave up, but not before putting the onus on his players. "Fine," he said frustrated. "Win this game. Go to the Final Four. But if turns out you lied to me, it's on you, got it? You'll have to live with this. I get paid either way."

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