Bruce Pearl's orange jacket burns John Wall's retinas beyond repair

KNOXVILLE - University of Texas coach Bruce Pearl pulled out a secret weapon to beat number two ranked John Wall and the University of Kentucky Wildcats. And that secret weapon has left John Wall blind. "I went in for a layup early in the first quarter and out of the corner of my eye was this bright flash of orange, I looked directly towards it and it seared my retinas and I missed," said Wall. "The trainers looked at me but it was no use. Pearl got me. He knew what it took to win and he went with it. That jacket was brighter than the surface of the sun.  I don't know how the Texas players survived the time outs. They must've had special contact lenses. The doctors say in six months' time, I should start to see some shapes again. Extremely blurry shapes, but that's all I need to get out of here and get drafted by the Nets this year."

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