Brooke Hundley Is Delusional, Apparently Has New Sports Website

Tuesday, February 09, 2010
Posted By Jack Rackels 09:49 PM

America's least favorite crazy stalker, Brooke Hundley, was back in the news this week. And, unfortunately for us, it wasn’t the function of our MLB2k10 video game tester spoof going viral. Rather, Hundley, the ESPN production assistant who slept with Steve Phillips twice this summer and then threatened his wife and kids, went nuts on her Facebook page in response to Phillips’ appearance on the Today Show with Matt Lauer. As the Big Lead first pointed out, she disputed Phillips’ claims of sex addiction, writing that "the only thing he’s ever been addicted to is feeding his own ego" in response to a comment thread on her page.

I’m no fan of Phillips, who was a shitty GM of the New York Mets and an even worse talking head as a baseball analyst for the four-letter network. He’s also a pretty terrible person, having been accused of sexual harassment while GM of the Mets and rumored to have slept with half of Connecticut during his days at ESPN. He’s a creep. But Hundley's fucking crazy; I mean, she’s truly fucking off-the-wall nuts. First of all, the first thing that sticks out on her Facebook page is her photo. This week, seemingly everybody on my friends list has been posting a picture of themselves next to a celebrity they feel looks like them. And, as expected, most people generally go up a few notches in appearance for the photo, choosing attractive celebrities who are usually out of their league, looks-wise. Who wants to choose an ugly celebrity, right? But Hundley’s selection, Lacey Chabert, was fucking absurd. Chabert, the brunette from Mean Girls, is fucking hot. Hundley, as the picture below shows, isn’t.

I’m not sure if she had some Shallow Hall-like curse put on her, but if she thinks she looks anything like Chabert, she’s more delusional than Mike Vick thinking he’s still a Top-10 QB.

And the commenters on the Big Lead were quick to point that out with some pretty fucking hilarious responses.

Lacey Chabert is officially on suicide/bulimia watch.

Why on earth do these ugly fat chicks think they have any resemblence to smoking hot chicks? Did she not read any of the comments posted on this site? My personal favorite is still “Hungry Hungry Hundley.”

I propose a Google Bomb. Everyone here just type “Brooke Hundley looks nothing like Lacey Chabert” into Google and try to get the thing to the top of the list.

Indeed, for Chabert’s sake, I hope she doesn’t come across this story. The fact that Hundley would put her in that Facebook photo would have to ruin Chabert's day. And, while Hundley’s probably right about the size of Phillips’ ego, he actually may be a sex addict. After all, why else would, as he said on the Lauer interview, risk a sweet job that he didn’t deserve and his family for two times in the sack with one of the uglier broads around? If that doesn’t constitute being an addict, then I don’t know what would.

Despite the Big Lead and other sites picking up the thread, though, Hundley continued to comment on the scandal on her Facebook page today. She wrote the following: Stripper turned Post reporter who broke my story month after it happened & despite everyone asking her not to has balls to send me a FB msg!

Then she responded to that thread discussing the lengths with which the Post went to get photos of her: “haha seriously, the post offering $500 a photo for the worst 5 year old photos of me they could find, a reporter showing up on my brother's apt with a crying baby claiming she was just trying to feed her kid with a statement from him, I could easily fill a book.”

Not to be outdone, Hundley then offered her opinion on the state of journalism in the world today, bashing the New York radio station the FAN for allegedly misquoting her. I'm so glad places like the FAN think its appropriate to put words in my mouth that I've made statements about Steve when I haven't, where is the real journalism in this world?

For a woman who tried to improve her status at ESPN by banging a superior, she has little room to question the state of the journalism industry. But the point actually kind of holds some water.

Perhaps hoping to stay clear of controversy for the remainder of the day, Hundley then became a fan of Betty White to Host SNL (please?). So, all in all, it was an interesting day for her on Facebook. The best part about her page, though, was that I found out about her website. Yes, Brooke Hundley has her own website,, where she offers analysis and opinions on all that’s going on in the sports world.

She even had professional photos done for the site, which, if you haven’t eaten anything lately, you can check out here. But, most surprising, she apparently gets enough questions submitted to her to have her own weekly mailbag on the site. I wonder if she would respond to questions about the color of Phillips’ pubic hair.

Interestingly, Hundley has some pretty good takes on baseball. Responding to a reader question about the best and worst MLB offseasons in one of those mailbags, even she had the sense to call out Houston Astros GM Ed Wade for being an incompetent fool. Hundley writes: The other loser award I’d have to hand out to the Houston Astros, who work daily under the guidance of Ed Wade to distinguish themselves as the worst team in baseball, driven by a train-wreck of an offseason. At least the Indians and Padres know no trade is better than a bad trade. The Astros lose both free agents Jose Valverde, who has 25 saves with a 2.3 ERA and LaTroy Hawkins, who has 11 saves and a 2.17 ERA, their 2 best relievers are gone just like that. And who do they replace them with? Brandon Lyon, by far the worst free agent signing of the offseason at 3 years, $15 mil. Yes it’s a depressed market for relievers, but Wade should have had known better than to sign an unspectacular reliever in Lyon, who’s been wildly inconsistent throughout his career, and has proven time and time again that he’s not a closer. The Astros are willing to gamble that Lyon will get lucky next 3 years, when they could have just used that kind of money to give Jose Valverde, who is a much better reliever than Lyon, a multi-year deal. They traded for Matt Lindstrom of the Marlins who’s ERA is almost 6, granted he required no prospects of note in return, but he’s arbitration eligible and because of his terrible ’09 season, he’s likely to receive only a modest bump in salary at best. They sign 35-year-old Pedro Feliz for 3rd base who only managed 12 home runs in Philly’s park. In a team with payroll limitations, contracts like Lyon’s can be crippling. $15 mil is more than almost every team’s draft budget, and instead of investing in guys like Lyons, the Astros could have used that money, even at $5 mil a year to bolster their farm system and improve their future. Instead they’re left with a barren farm system & a team with serious offensive problems, and little help on the way.”

I agree with nearly everything. Brandon Lyon? Terrible signing. Pretty damning indictment on Wade's offseason, huh? Because you know you’re a shitty GM when Brooke Hundley—who banged another terrible GM—calls you out for being one.

Seriously, though, go check out the website. It’s real, I would think, because there’s no way someone would go to those lengths to make something like that up. Though, if they did, that would be quite awesome. I'm not sure what the future holds for Hundley, but it's clear that the Phillips story will follow her around for the rest of her life. Thanks to the Internet, at least she has a forum.