Tom Brady Recaps American Idol: Pia's Dismissal

Tom Brady recently taped an interview for an upcoming ESPN series, and at one point, the Patriots QB breaks down and cries while discussing his long draft day wait. While everyone seems to be on Tom's case about bawling, we don't see the big deal. He's an emotional guy. He cares. In fact, Tommy cries all the time, as seen here in this new footage of him reacting to the Pia's shocking dismissal from American Idol.

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Juanita Altobelli 3 years 32 weeks ago
This is PRICELESS TALENT & IMAGINATION on the part of whoever came up with the GENIUS tidbit of HUMOR !!!! Let's keep IDOL in PERSPECTIVE folks, it's a POPULARITY CONTEST after all, unfortunately. LOVE LOVE The Brady slant .... grin.