Billboards For Tebow

Guess they start early out in Denver. One game into the season and they're already calling for Tim Tebow to take the starting quarterback gig from Kyle Orton. In their defense, they were calling for Tebow last season too, and Kyle Orton is pretty crappy.

But a couple fans are taking it to the next level. They're willing to spend the $10,000 they've saved for a trip to this year's Super Bowl to buy a couple of billboards in the Denver area in support of Tebow. Hey, it's their money, God bless them [which I'm sure God will if they're successful], but 10 grand is a large sum of money just to get Tebow some playing time, so to save them some cash, we've already done the design work.

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TebowGoesHard 3 years 8 weeks ago
Hey I just stumbled on the perfect website to help us get our own billboards up. It's a crowd-funding website for all types of causes and will allow us start a billboard campaign. The beauty of their site is that we can each pledge only what we can afford, even if it's $5, and get giant billboards in our city (there's definitely enough of us Tebow fans). The best part is that no matter what amount of money you pledge, no one is charged unless we reach the funding goal needed to get a billboard. The website is Pretty awesome idea, check them out and let me know if you guys are down for something like this.
Zach Simpson 3 years 9 weeks ago
Ohhh, I love this. As a Carolina Panthers fan we are so glad to have John Fox out of here. No, glad isn't the right word; we are REJOICING. As an often-letdown diehard fan of the Cardiac Cats for almost a decade under the Fox regime, let me just tell you Denver fans: Fox is the epitome of stubborn and conservative. He is not a fan of QB's, in fact most of us are convinced he would prefer to not even have QB's on the field AT ALL judging on his past decisions with Jake Del-go-homme. Remember the '08 playoff game against Arizona? Delhomme threw 5 interceptions and lost a fumble, then in the offseason got a $20 million contract extension? That's your head coach. He has said time and time again that all we needed was an effective game manager, and as long as Kyle Orton can pass the ball off to a RB, know when to call timeouts, and occasionally throw hailmaries to make up for the fact that he should've been throwing 2 downs ago, Orton will be your game manager. Get used to it. Fox will ignore any fan pleas, especially considering this is his first season to prove himself. Having terrible games, throwing interceptions and making bad decisions will not affect Orton's starting position. You've got better chances getting Brady Quinn in there than what Fox calls a "project QB" in Tebow; he will not be a starter under this coach. The only way he'll ever be in a game is if Orton and Quinn both get hurt. Then, maybe. We finally got rid of the Fox bug and.. what's that?.. a rookie QB threw for over 400 yards in his first game, breaking a record? We're FINALLY getting the ball to our elite WR who had been collecting dust the past few seasons in Steve Smith? Eat your heart out, Fox. An effective passing QB is what wins in this league today. 3 yards and a cloud of dust won't cut it. It's not the 60's and 70's anymore; we're trying out this thing called "downfield passes" and it's turned into a pretty big trend. I genuinely feel for Denver fans, as I've always had a sideline appreciation and interest in the Broncos. You got screwed with Jay Cutler, and now you got screwed with John Fox. But hey, at least you've won a Super Bowl. It couldn't have been THAT bad, you say. He obviously isn't that terrible or no NFL team would have wanted to hire him, right? Would I have spent this much time writing all this if he wasn't?
Glen McNamara 3 years 9 weeks ago
Reality check. John Fox is the coach. It is his decision. He watches their practices. He has a grasp on the situation. I have been a Bronco fan for 40 years, and am getting a bit tired of listening to fans wine about "Tim Tebow should start". You morons are hurting this football team. Booing a player on the team you love is rooting against your team, idiot. But it is not a "team" thing, is it? It is a "christian" thing. When Foxy thinks it is time for Tim to start, he will put him in. Until then, sit down, quit booing, and support the Broncos, and quit being a disgrace to the organization. John Fox isn't Josh McDaniel, so keep your pants on and have some "faith" preachers!