Bengals allowed to be the best team in video games, theory

CINCINNATI — After the signing of Terrell Owens to the Cincinnati Bengals already Pro-Bowl caliber receivers roster, Madden NFL 11 rolled out new footage of Owens arriving in Cincinnati and the team has quickly become a game favorite. Seemingly overnight, the Bengals have become  the best team on Madden 11. "They could very well be the best team in the game," says lead Madden 11 developer Jim Jansen. "Everybody is gonna want to be them. And in theory, they could be the best team in the NFL this year. But theory and video games don't have to deal with egos, arrests and Twitter. And we at Madden, know that can be a sore spot for Cincinnati fans. So we made sure that in Madden 11, the Bengals have really high speed, toughness and swagger ratings."

Theory specialists at Universities across the nation also have closely examined the Bengals in theory. "In theory, they're awesome," says Professor Monty Reginald III. "In real life, when you factor in fines for excessive celebration and team members missing games due to murdering and pillaging, it's a lot less awesome. But if I were a playing fantasy football in theory, I'd draft all these guys. In theory." 

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