Bears happy with Orton/Cutler trade

CHICAGO — Chicago Bears fans celebrated Monday night as quarterback Kyle Orton threw three interceptions and no touchdowns as his Denver Broncos lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers 28-10. “That’s the ugly losses we know and hate,” said Chicago native James Lutska. The former Bears quarterback swapped teams this off-season with then-Bronco quarterback Jay Cutler. “Cutler loses so much prettier. He had three touchdowns and only one interception,” said Lutska. The Bears lost 41-31 Sunday in a shootout versus the Arizona Cardinals. “Yeah, the Bears still sucked, but Cutler just has a way about him in the pocket. Orton, he just looks like a drunk frat boy.” Fans like Lutska agree that they have more dignity after the Bears lose now that Orton is gone.
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