Adam LaRoche Should Fire His Agent

Thursday, January 14, 2010
Posted By admin 04:36 PM

Earlier this offseason, the San Francisco Giants reportedly offered free agent first baseman Adam LaRoche a two-year, $17.5-M deal. Hoping that the Giants would tack on another year, LaRoche turned down the offer. Many within the MLB industry were surprised that the Giants, even with their anemic offense, would throw so much money at a second-tier free agent who is a notorious slow starter. What was downright shocking, though, is that the left-handed-hitting first baseman turned it down. Indeed, it didn’t take an expert to see that that his agent was misreading the market.

Well, according to a tweet from Dejan Kovacevic, LaRoche has finally found his new home. He reportedly signed with the Arizona Diamondbacks this morning, but for nowhere near the kind of money San Francisco was willing to pay; though not official, Jon Heyman says it’s for one year and under $5-M. So, it’s clear that his agent had no sense of how the market would shape up, and both he and his agent now look downright foolish for not taking the initial offer. To expect that he would do any better than that in this market was assinine, and, if I were LaRoche, I might want to reconsider my representation.

As far as the D’Backs are concerned, this is a decent move. LaRoche, a career .274/.343/.491 hitter, definitely has a better grasp on hitting than basic economic principles. He'll give Arizona a stopgap at first base until prospect Brandon Allen is ready to take over for good, and the move has minimal downside risk for the team. As for the Giants, I guess building a potent offense to support Tim Lincecum and that great pitching staff just isn’t meant to be. General manager Brian Sabean can’t get a middle-of-the-order bat to come to San Francisco even when he's willing to pay through the nose.