Athletic Supporters

Athletic Supporters

The Athletic Supporters: Los AngelesMost people don’t have much to say about the Dodgers fan. Probably because most people don’t want you to stab them in the ass with a filed-down Bic pencil. But judging by appearances, you must be pretty diehard to have the Padres Dodgers logo tattooed all over your body. Combine that with the threat of you flashing your genitals at any moment, and you could quite possibly be the most intimidating fan in baseball—that is if you ever decided to stay for more than half the game.

The Athletic Supporters: Anaheim

4 years 28 weeks ago

Women. You can’t get enough of them. You love the feeling of having sex with them. It’s practically all you do, which excuses the limited amount of time you spend watching...

The Athletic Supporters: Boston

4 years 29 weeks ago

You’re a fan that roots for everything Boston—or Foxboro, but that’s just a technicality. Hell, you’d cheer for a donkey’s ass if there was a B on it. For all...

The Athletic Supporters: St Louis

4 years 30 weeks ago

You are a Cardinals fan, the self-anointed ‘Greatest Fan in the World.’ People avoid talking baseball with you at all cost. Albert who? You’re more interested in finding...

The Athletic Supporters: Chicago

4 years 31 weeks ago

Upon your birth, you were immediately taken from the maternity award and placed on suicide watch, because you are a Cubs fan. During your early years, you should avoid petting zoos as male...

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