The 'U' in a certain 'All U Can Eat' buffet does not refer to Bill Wisth

Wednesday, May 16, 2012
Posted By Fudge 09:03 PM

Know what upset me most about this? It's not that Bill Wisth was lied to or that Bill Wisth thought that the indignity of being served fewer than a dozen pieces of fried fish was an injustice worthy of calling the police or that TMJ4's Mike Jacobs claims this event could only transpire in Wisconsin when we all know this could've easily taken place in about 15-20 different states.

No, the most upsetting detail from this news report is discovering that TWO major news stations felt the need to cover this story. LookTWO. 

That's TWO microphones, from TWO different stations. It's as if WISN12 caught wind that TMJ4 was heading out to Thiensville and said, "Oh shit, can't have TMJ scoop us on the big fish fry protest! Dispatch the news van post haste!" 

I'd like to say news is depressing because there's always people dying tragically, but in truth, that's not the reason--this is the reason the news is so goddamn sad. 

[Via Buzzfeed]