Soccer player's daughter tries to cheer up her dad

Tuesday, May 15, 2012
Posted By Fudge 08:12 PM

For as much as us Americans love capitalism, we sure do embrace the socialist characteristics of our professional sports. Revenue sharing, salary caps and the whole draft system. Your team sucks? Congrats, you're rewarded with the best amateur player next season.

Europe, which is often assailed as a dirty socialist cesspool is quite the opposite when it comes to sports, especially soccer. Come in last place? Cool, go pack your bags, because you're kicked out of the league next year and the next guy in line gets to take your place. So it's understandable to see De Graafschap midfielder Rogier Meijer so inconsolable after his team was relegated following a 1-1 drawl this weekend. And it's god damn adorable to see his young daughter try to cheer him up. 

[H/T Off The Bench]