SNL's Stephen A. Smith impression is pretty spot on

Monday, May 21, 2012
Posted By Fudge 07:05 PM

If it weren’t for Skip Bayless, the lion’s share of our collective animosity towards ESPN’s many awful personalities would probably go to Stephen A. Smith. In fact, I’d argue Stephen A. is nearly as bad as Bayless, it’s just that Bayless' awfulness constantly lingers, like an annoying co-worker, so we’re more prone to hate him. Stephen A. Smith is more like a car alarm, violating you with awful noises for a few minutes until it disappears in an instant and you forget it even happened.

But just because the effects of Stephen A. Smith’s hackiness aren’t permanent, doesn’t mean someone shouldn’t remind us what sort of pollution pours from his mouth, which is exactly what Jay Pharaoh did brilliantly on the season finale of SNL. So while everyone was crying at Kristen Wiig’s departure as if she won’t be in every other comedy for the next four years, we’re applauding Jay Pharaoh for saying what we all want to say but were too busy to because we were all calling Skip Bayless a worthless piece of crap [which, as always, he is].