PTI: Celebrating a decade of Tony Kornheiser’s creepiness

Monday, October 24, 2011
Posted By Fudge 10:05 PM

No one ever believes anything reaches the age of ten. Over or under the decade mark—totally plausible. But exactly ten years? That crap blows your mind.


The Taco Bell/KFC down the street opened six years ago. Yup, you remember when they built that.

Nana and Papa are celebrating their 53rd wedding anniversary. Makes sense, they’re old.

Pardon the Interruption has been on the air for ten years. HOLY HELL! TEN YEARS! I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT. NO WAY! REALLY? TEN YEARS? UGH, I FEEL SO OLD!

Personally, ten years sounds right to me. I remember watching the show in high school. I’m now in my mid-twenties. Math seems to add up.

I’m less surprised that PTI has been on the air for a decade than I am that it’s been allowed to stay on air for a decade. I realize Tony Kornheiser making Uranus jokes and pretending to pop Viagra may seem like the innocuous humor of our fathers, but may I remind you he’s doing this on ESPN.

This is the network that suspended the very same Tony Kornheiser for playing Hannah Storm’s fashion critic on the radio. Yet at 5:30 everyday, on ESPN, the Mothership, before God, Country and George Bodenheimer, Tony Kornheiser is opening the show with jokes about pissing in the kitchen sink and banging Bob Costas for an Emmy. Imagine John Saunders kicking off The Sports Reporters with a sodomy riff, don't think that would fly. 

Crass jokes don't make a quality sports show, but it does tell you something. ESPN puts up with this crap because this is a good show. Kornheiser might be senile and Wilbon a bit of a prick, but it's entertaining and it works substantially better than the litany of other sport shows featuring middle age men talking about sports in front of a camera because there is no longer any money left in talking about sports in newspapers, partially because they've carved out a niche that gives them the latitude to make offhanded remarks about killing drifters. 

Good job PTI. And goodnight Canada.