#OccupySesameStreet Photos

Monday, October 10, 2011
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UPDATE! We now have even more photos from Occupy Sesame Street. Stay tuned to Tauntr for all the latest news regarding this historic movement.

Occupy Wall Street is a major movement both on the streets and on the web, but it isn’t getting the media attention it deserves. Why? Because it doesn’t resonate with kids. Kids drive the market and therefore the media, but they have absolutely no interest in seeing politically-charged 20-somethings sprayed in the face with mace (probably).

Pepper spray Snuffleupagus, however, and you got yourself a protest ready for prime time. Which is why we here at Tauntr have envisioned the perfect revolution. Don’t Occupy Wall Street. Occupy Sesame Street.

New Photos! Updated 10/10/2011

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Nick Jones 3 years 2 weeks ago
Easily my favorite bit in this whole piece is The Count's new, punk-y hairstyle. I believe that Sesame Street WOULD probably go "Occupy". In fact, Big Bird's nest reminds me a lot of squats I'v been in...
Chris Peckham 3 years 2 weeks ago
and where's that guy with the paintbrush painting numbers on heads, umbrellas, doors - everywhere. don't forget the dweedlebugs hiding in the flowerpots
David Hart 3 years 2 weeks ago
Sesame Street smesame street. Those people deserve what they get.
David Hart 3 years 2 weeks ago
I always knew Elmo was a red.
Ella Risebrow 3 years 2 weeks ago
SERIOUSLY??? some people take life sooo seriously ... me thinks Sesame Street & Disney world and world of Froud needs to join forces and have an uprising against seriousness, heard mentality and the sort of beige thinking that threatens the very core of imaginative creative innovative inventive thinking that will bring us into this century as an evolved mankind.
Justin Hoffman 3 years 3 weeks ago
I love how Ron Paul supporters are part of the protests. That's funnier than Sesame st being assaulted.Ron Paul would want you exterminated and you cheer for him.Thats funny
Justin Hoffman 3 years 3 weeks ago
Dear moron for Ron Paul< He is for the 1%, Do a little research and youll find that he's for extending our 1% tax breaks. Nevermind his stance on staying out of world affairs including letting Iran have nukes. Lets get rid of the govt-dumb. Lets kill our un-insured-great idea Ron. Ron Paul appeals to the stupid who are either ignorant or really share his Nazi-esque views. Do some digging and don't be won over by 'I hate war,'I hate the dollar' ' 'Legalize drugs' My highly un-informed friend told me 'he's great he wants freedom' I just shook my head
Sharon Homer-Dr... 3 years 3 weeks ago
Can not believe the number of people who do not see the humor in this - spoof is one of the best forms of political comment.
NER499302 3 years 3 weeks ago
RON PAUL is our only HOPE of getting the 99% on the front page - PLEASE HELP.... We need 99% to raise the money... He doesn't belong to the 1%... HELP US GET THE WORD OUT. We know the 1% owns the media, I thank God for you and your courage, like God, with a sense of humor..... could you get Popeye? He can knock them out with one punch :>D God bless all of us!
Cai Noble 3 years 3 weeks ago
Raising awareness is a HUGE part of democracy.....and making a difference comes in many forms. I like the way YOU are making a difference TauntR. There is a lot of good going on out there. And it is refreshing and empowering (especially for youth) to see that ALL POSITIVE EFFORTS, what ever form they take.....are valuable, impactful, and deserving of respect and gratitude. Most of all though....they are inspiring. :) And that is needed in our communities, just as badly as effective lobbying. Thank you TauntR for making me laugh.....everyday. (P.S. I think the guy below needs a cookie.)