'The Lebrons' Other Characters

Thursday, April 07, 2011
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It's finally here, the cartoon nobody was asking for--The LeBrons. The Scourge of Akron debuted his new animated series on YouTube yesterday, adding to the steadily growing pile of crap that is on YouTube. But we understand that most shows struggle early on, and it's not that The LeBrons can't be a marginally decent animated series that is available only on YouTube--it just needs a few tweaks, one of which is some better characters. Right not there's just Young Lebron, Athlete Lebron, Businessman Lebron and Wise Lebron, which you may remember were the characters from his commercials a few years back—so, good to see him catching that wave at its crest of popularity.

What the show needs is characters that more closely reflect modern day LeBron--and we have a few suggestions.

Soccer LeBron

After conquering the sport of basketball with all of his one NBA Finals appearances, LeBron moves onto soccer, thus introducing Soccer LeBron to the mix of show characters. Soccer LeBron is the proud minority owner of the historic Liverpool FC, a purchase he made after being convinced by Businessman LeBron that all the cool kids are doing it. While soccer LeBron may know nothing or even care about the actual sport itself, he sees it as a great opportunity to become even more wealthy and expand his brand's reach to a whole new continent, culture and fanbase that will soon hate him as much as Americans do.

Karmic Lebron

Dispensing such wisdom as “Karma is a bitch,” Karmic Lebron will appear in the show during other character’s emotional low points, completely misinterpret one of the world’s most commonly understood spiritual tenets and then smugly walk away. And because acting like a complete douche isn’t enough for Karmic Lebron, he’ll also look the part by wearing socks with sandals.  

Heatles Lebron

On the road and performing in front of sellout crowds, Heatles Lebron is the show’s superstar—a vapid and coddled man-child with no perspective on life. No matter where he goes the cameras follow and there is no gig too big for him to overshadow with his inflated sense of self worth.

Centaur Lebron

While all the other characters in "The Lebrons" try to hide their true self through various character traits, Centaur Lebron represents what Lebron James is in his purest form: A little bit of Lebron and a huge horse's ass.

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