Kiss Cam is hard to improve upon, but Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson did it

Tuesday, March 06, 2012
Posted By Fudge 09:42 PM

I abhor most forms of in-arena entertainment--mascots, fan dance competitions, T-shirt cannons, piped in music, over zealous PA announcers--I hate all that shit. 

Except for the Kiss Cam. I love the goddamn kiss cam. The awkward, hilarious and/or uncomfortable moments that can occur when two unsuspecting fans show up on the Jumbotron and are publicly shamed into kiss is unlimited and unrivaled. If there was a complete box set of Kiss Cam footage, I'd torrent the shit out of it. 

But throw in Hollywood power couple Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks, the former who was great in Sleepless in Seattle and the latter who is one of the sexiest people over the age of 50--and you just increased the appeal 100 fold.

And no, I did not confuse "former" and "latter."

[Awkward cheek kiss to Buzzfeed]