Kings Stanley Cup victory will hopefully lead to this woman shaving her playoff beard

Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Posted By Fudge 09:35 PM

Part of me wants to say this woman, who grew a playoff beard on her Luc Robitaille armpit tattoo, is a diehard Kings fan.

Christ, she has a TATTOO OF LUC ROBITAILLE ON HER ARMPIT. That's dedication. Plus, Luc hasn’t played for the Kings since ’06, meaning this lady has been a fan at least 50 times longer than the Kings fans who became Kings fans when the Clippers and Lakers got eliminated.

Not only that, she grew a playoff beard—emphasis on SHE. It’s not weird to see a guy with a beard. But a woman with unkempt body hair? Gender biases aside, that’s not normal. But ol’ Luc Robipits doesn’t care, she’s going to support her team, grooming standards be damned.

Though I also have suspicions this person is just a huge hipster. Clue #1: Instagram. Not that all Instagram users are hipsters, but all hipsters use Instagram.

Also, getting a tattoo of a legendary Kings player not-named Gretzky, in a town where the Kings may be 6th or 7th most important sports team just screams hipster. "Oh, this guy tattooed on my armpit? It's Luc Robitaille. You probably never heard of him. He played for the Kings, you know, the hockey team. Oh Gretzky? I dunno, he was too mainstream."

But maybe it doesn’t matter. Both hipsters and diehards act irrationally. They’re cliquish. They have an encyclopedic knowledge of a subject most only have a passing interest in. They’re easily identifiable by what they’re wearing. And they’re viewed contemptuously by outsiders.

So does it really matter whether this woman is a hipster or a Kings fan? No. The only thing that matters is that SHE HAS A PLAYOFF BEARD ON HER LUC ROBITAILLE TATTOO.

[H/T Puck Daddy]