Just like Sloan, what a tease

Monday, January 30, 2012
Posted By Dagan 10:49 PM

I should be impressed with Honda’s Ferris Bueller campaign. In advertising the line between brilliant and bad (because really what other types are there) is less a line and more a medieval moat filled with whatever substance seeped from Christina Aguilera’s dress this morning. Most never attempt the crossing for fear of falling in.

Honda, however, not only attempted the crossing, but landed victorious on the opposite shore like their balls were made of buoyant brass. Their commercial is a triumph. Yet in their brilliance the made a grave error, they over-promised.

A week ago, myself and every other child of the 80’s lost our collective shit over a teaser implying Ferris Bueller was getting a sequel. It was a joy on par with asking “what’s that smell” and having someone reply “cookie cake,’ and today that joy is gone. For today we learned that teaser was a nothing but a sham. A ruse, a con, a commercial. Nice work, Honda, you’ve left me craving something I can never have. Now I'll have to quench my capitalist urges by buying something I can’t afford, like a Subaru.