Introducing the new Brooklyn New Yorkers

Wednesday, December 15, 2010
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When the New Jersey Nets move to their new Brooklyn arena in a couple years, they will more than likely leave their "Nets" nickname behind in the Garden State, as news came out this week that team lawyers have trademarked the name "Brooklyn New Yorkers." While the name is nothing too riveting (or good for that matter), the team's decision to fully embrace the culture of Brooklyn, which is the hipster capital of the world, is quite interesting. Tauntr was able to get its hands on artist renderings of the new Brooklyn New Yorkers logo, uniforms and mascot, which, as you can see, fully embrace the hipster image.


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With the famous Brooklyn Bridge in the background, the New Yorkers logo incorporates many of the elements that define the hipster image. A pale Caucasian man in his mid 20s, complete with ironic facial hair, thick rimmed glasses and the ubiquitous hipster v-neck shirt, daintily cradles a PBR is his hand while he stares contemptuously at you.

The Uniforms:

The Brooklyn New Yorkers will take the floor dressed in hipster chic. Mesh shorts will be replaced with cut off jean shorts and the uniform tops feature flannel side panels and a breast pocket with American Spirits tucked in. While current NBA regulations prohibit most types of head gear, the New Yorkers are petitioning for a rule change that would allow fedoras, which is a staple of any good hipsters' wardrobe.

Dylan the Hipster will be the New Yorkers official mascot when they take up residency in Brooklyn. Dylan is a jaded young man who lives off his parents earnings, rides a bicycle he purchased from a thrift store and has a passion for sleeve tattoos and inappropriately tight fitting pants. Dylan the Hipster will usually show up late for games and then complain that the NBA was much cooler before the merger.


Adam Kitzmann 3 years 47 weeks ago
Mike is right, the bike needs to be a fixed gear bike without breaks. Other than that right on.
Mike White 3 years 48 weeks ago
A bike with more than one gear?