Great dad dispenses sagely Skee Ball safety tips

Monday, June 18, 2012
Posted By Fudge 08:47 PM

Now that we got honoring thy father out of the way yesterday, we can honor other people's fathers, such as this man, who in 22 short seconds demonstrates everything a great dad should do. He takes his kid to go play Skee Ball. He films it, even though he knows no one will ever want to watch video of his kid playing Skee Ball [unless of course it is like this video]. He doesn't worry about other people's dumbass kids. He teaches his daughter an important lesson about not putting your face where it doesn't belong. He doesn't allow some stranger who means nothing to him ruin the perfectly good time of his daughter, who means everything to him. And [this is actually more of being a good person in general than it is being a good dad] he uploads the video to YouTube for us all to enjoy and share with our progeny. 

[Via Reddit]