Athlete Halloween Costumes

Thursday, October 27, 2011
Posted By admin 03:37 PM

Being an athlete must be exhausting. The constant fawning. The complete absence of privacy.  The groupies.  Come Halloween pro's must be itching to get out of their own skin and into something foreign (Costumes not Czechs).

So in honor of two of our favorite things, athletes and being someone other than ourselves, here's a compilation of costume possibilities for the days stars.


Cliff will tell you he's Walker Texas Ranger, but truly he's fantasizing of, once again, being a Texas Ranger.



Like most floozy's on Halloween, TCU will dress up sleazy, flirt with every conference she sees, and sleep with not a one of them.



Pugs can sneeze their eyes out their sockets. Kevin Garnett doesn't need a sneeze



He's a closer. He's grown a beard. And he wishes desperately he were as eccentric as Brian Wilson.



McNabb envies Ned Stark. At least, at season's end Ned had the sweet relief of death.